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We offer tip-based tours in the city of Santiago, which means you only pay at the end of the tour according to what you think it is worth.



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Sergio was an excellent tour guide, super knowledgable and really friendly with great English!
"Sergio is a really knowledgable and enthousiastic guide. The free walking tour he gave us with urbantours was not just a script. We felt his passion for his hometown and he adapted his tour to the questions we‘ve asked"
"He was knowledgeable, easy to talk to and made the two hours go by really quickly."

Sergio Ribeiro

Fun and passionate tour guide

Sergio came to Chile to learn Spanish in 2003. He fell in love with the city and with a girl from Santiago, who he came to marry. This relationship enabled him to have a deeper knowledge of the Chilean culture and customs and to adapt some of them such as having the Chilean ‘once’.

His experience with tourism started in his hometown, Sao Paulo, where he volunteered to show foreigners around his city as a way to practice the languages.

Sergio has the job he’s always dreamed of: working outdoors, speaking different languages and sharing experiences with people from all over the world

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